Marketing is 99% visibility and 1% content! 

“Namma Kadai”, the 21st century portal for traders offers Widest visibility to showcase your products and services

Being part of the “Namma Kadai” brings you unimaginable advantages and massive scope to attract customers like never ever before. 

In the ocean of the competition, you will swim with the sharks in comfort and style.

· “Namma Kadai” ™ connects you to the state-of-the-art technology that buyers love to be part of.

· Sooner than we imagine there is going to be a massive transformation in the way people buy and sell. Please remember: Business through the net is an inevitable option. Nammakadai offers you the very best in this field at the most affordable cost. 

·       Be part of NammaKadai to experience the unique and exciting benefits   Rental for hiring our portal is at an incredibly low rate of less than Rs. 4/- per day. 

As a seller: What do you get being part of NammaKadai™?

  • ü   Widest ever visibility to the world of buyers
  • ü   The very the best technology at incredibly low cost
  • ü   Periodic upgradation of technology
  • ü   Initial help in installing the system
  • ü   Coaching and training on the internet business
  • ü   Newsletter on the latest trends
  • ü   Management Information and reports to help you effectively manage inventory and business analysis.
  • ü   Services at the most affordable cost.
  • ü   Prompt payment of collections within 48 hours of receipt from the pay channel


Welcome to the world of NammaKadai ™ the 21st century portal for intelligent buyers.

Choice galore” is the flavor of Nammakadai portal offering you a unique shopping experience, the first time in India.   On click of the button, you are thrown open to shops galore with widest display of products and services. While your favorite shops offer you a wide range of products, you are privy to the market place in your neighborhood and elsewhere.  The choice available is huge that you are in control of the way you shop.   All these for no registration fee and free for a lifetime.


Consider the following unique advantages:


ü  Choice of shops

ü  Wide variety of products

ü  Galaxy of supermarkets on the net

ü  Access to your favorite shop

ü  View shops in the neighborhood.

ü  Options: Cash on Delivery as well as payment through credit card

ü  Opportunity to check cost across shops

ü  Scrutiny of product description

ü  Multiple sectors, multiple products

ü  Display of latest products and recent trends

ü  Freedom from the tyranny of monopoly

ü  Continuous update on the market, shops, and products

ü  Witness widening market show swelling

Be a window shopper, study the market and buy when you find awesome products and amazing services.